1) What is #gmthearts all about?

Here are some backgrounds why I am doing this, I lost my older brother a few years ago due to cancer and other complications and I wanted to celebrate his life in a way where I can spread some type of happiness to others. I wanted to be able to do something in his memory and be able to express my emotions and love towards him. He was a very chill person that anyone can come talk to, a kind soul, and overall funny guy.

I don’t know about you, but when I see something that I can relate to, it makes me smile; whether it’s a meme or beautiful artwork on the side of a building. That is the goal here. A smile for even a second is worth all the hard work I put in because at the end of the day, 1 second of happiness is better than none. Don’t you agree?

Aside from that, I like to brighten someone’s day who is having a rough time whether it be from work to depression. We often forget the people around us battle things, too, even if it’s not publicly display for others to see and the simplest things like these hearts could change a life, even if we don’t assume so. It’s important that we show love in this cruel world! I don’t often see many people showing me they’ve found my hearts, but when I do, it’s an amazing feeling to know that it made there day. See what some people said when they found the hearts, here.

Though I started this in memory as my brother, the past years as I spread the hearts, I feel like this project has become more than that. I love how you can start one thing then it becomes so much more with so much meaning behind it.

2) When did you start this project?
– I started this project in 2014, but I was very busy with school where I did not always have time to spread the hearts or document them. I would do it about every few months! Now (2016), I have more time so I wanted to venture out and push my project further and document where I have left them.

3) Who helps you make all the hearts? Do you buy them?
– Here is my process (not in complete order):
1. Pick color of yarn
2. Crochet the heart
3. Sew in ends
4. Find quotes
5. Layout the quotes
6. Print the quotes on sticker paper
7. Cut the quotes
8. Measure and cut cardstock paper accordingly to the tag sizes
9. Put the quotes onto the cardstock
10. Hole punch the tags
11. Measure and cut strings
12. Put string through the top of the hearts
13. Add the tags to the string
14. Tie string off and done!
15. Go to places, spread them, take pictures 🙂

The process may seem easy because the hearts don’t look like much, but do trust the process that it’s very time consuming! All the materials come out of my own pocket and as to making the hearts that I spread, 99% of the time I do all of it, unless I ask my mom to help me! So, I do put 110% of love into this project! I don’t think anyone would put their sweat and love into something they do not care about!

4) Where did this project originate from?
– I started this project in Sacramento, California, USA

5) Can I participate?
– Of course you can! The more the merrier. I am only one person doing this, so it would be very cool to have many others join in! You can do this with any hearts you please, but I use crochet hearts because it’s the most convenient for me and since I crochet, why not. For those who crochet, there is a pattern link on the top right of the page or you can purchase them, here. Please tag me @helloredrubi on instagram, twitter, or FB and hashtag #gmthearts for me to see where you spread them! It’ll be awesome to see it everywhere!

6) What quotes are used?
– I pick any quotes that fit me during the time I make it. Quotes can be motivational, inspirational, adventurous, etc. I do make a lot of tags at once so some months I will be using the same quotes until I used it all! If you want to participate, you can go with the quotes I have or you can pick any quotes that works for you!

7) Future goals?
– I would love to have my hearts be spread throughout the USA and eventually internationally. Whether it’s being spread by me or another person! I hope that one day this project can go big and help spread some positivity in this world.

8) Places I have personally spread the hearts at OR have sent the hearts to,

Anaheim, Auburn, Alvin, Berkeley, Baker, Button-Willow, Blue Jay, Coalinga, Colfax, Elk Grove, Fountain Valley, Gorman, Gustine, Huntington Beach, Los Angeles, Livermore, Long Beach, Merced Newman, Palo Alto, Orange, Pacific Grove, Roseville, Rohnert, Seal Beach, San Jose, Sacramento, San Francisco, San Diego, Santa Clarita, Santa Monica, Salinas, Sausalito, Tahoe City, Truckee, Vacaville, Vallejo

New Haven

Ft. Collins

Rehoboth Beach


Chicago, Lake Bluff

New Orleans

Columbia, Eureka, Fenton, Saint Joseph

Eden Prairie, West Saint Paul

Orleans, Boston




Las Vegas, Minden, Primm, Reno, Sloan

New York
Glens Falls, Jackson Heights, New York

New Jersey
Hoboken, Morristown, Short Hills, WyckoffW

North Carolina

Ashland, Portland

Orefield, Pittsburgh

Brownfield, Frisco, Fort Worth, San Antonio

Apple Valley, Layton, Springdale, Virgin

Falls Church, Palmyra, Reston


Washington DC (USA), Israel, Montreal (Canada)