Who started the gmthearts project?
The project was started by Vonnie

1) What is #gmthearts all about?
The project began after the lost of a loved one. Grieving is different for everyone. Vonnie wanted to find a way where she was able to express her love and emotions towards the person she lost from cancer. She wanted to celebrate his life with hearts and happiness.

Her goal, “a smile for even a second” was worth the hard work she put into the project because at the end of the day, one second of happiness is better than none. Don’t you agree?

Aside from that, she liked to brighten up someone’s day, a person who’s having a rough time, whether it’s from work, family, or even depression.

We often forget the people around us battle things, too, even if it’s not publicly display for others to see and the simplest things like these hearts could change a life, even if we don’t assume so. It’s important that we show love in this cruel world!

This projected started off celebrating a life to becoming so much more.

2) When did this project start?
This project started in 2014.

3) Who helps make all the hearts? Do you buy them?
She makes all the hearts that you see on the website, BUT many people participate by making their own and some purchase hearts to spread. You can purchase hearts, here.

4) What’s the process of making a heart?
Here is the process (not in order):
• Pick color of yarns
• Crochet/make hearts
• Sew in ends of the hearts
• Find quotes that is inspirational, motivational, or uplifting
• Layout the quotes in template for printing
• Print quotes on sticker paper
• Cut quotes
• Measure and cut cardstock paper accordingly to match the sticker paper
• Put quotes on the cardstock
• Hole punch the tags
• Measure and cut strings
• Put string through the tops of the hearts
• Add tags to the hearts
• Go to places, spread them, take pictures 😀

The process may seem easy because the hearts don’t look like much, but do trust the process that it’s very time consuming!

5) Where did this project originate from?
The project started in Sacramento, California, USA

6) Can I participate?
Of course you can! The more the merrier. Vonnie is only one person, she would not be able to spread hearts everywhere. You can do this with any hearts you want, but she uses crochet hearts since she crochets. For those who crochet, there is a pattern link on the top right of the page or you can purchase them, here. Please tag @gmtheartsproject on instagram or hashtag #gmthearts on fb/twitter/ig to share your makes or finds!

7) What quotes are used?
The quotes picked are random. Quotes can be anything from motivation, inspirational, adventurous, etc. If you want to participate, you can go with the quotes on the website (here) or you can pick any quotes that works for you!

8) Future goals?
For the hearts to be spread throughout the USA and even internationally, whether it’s by Vonnie, herself or by someone else participating! Spreading positivity one heart at a time.

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